Top Ten TV Shows of All Time

Here are my top ten television shows of all time.  I didn’t go into this with a well-defined criteria.  I basically went with my gut instincts on shows which provided me with the most enjoyable tv experiences.

Before we get to the top ten, let’s cover the “not necessarily” honorable mentions.  Here they are in no particular order…

The X Files
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This show had me hooked at the start. It gradually became a victim of its own success. Apparently Chris Carter read a few too many of his press clippings and made it his personal mission to see how much he could insult the fan's intelligence.

I could go on, but had to stop somewhere.  Speed Racer and 24 were atop the shows on the cutting room floor.  I’m not sure if that should be taken as a snub or a compliment.  I’ll let you decide.

That’s enough for the also-rans.  Here is my top ten.

10. Late Night/Show with David Letterman
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Leading off is a man synonymous with top ten lists. I like Craig Ferguson and was a fan of Johnny. Arsenio was cool for a minute. However with them, the guests often determined whether or not I would watch. Dave has always been the main attraction for me. His approach is more mainstream now, but he still gets it and can deliver on a nightly basis.

Music Man

I wanted to create something interactive on the computer for my daughter.  I figured Flash would be a good platform for creating a slither effect.  It ended up being trickier than anticipated.

The bone tool didn’t quite cut it.  The tweener class enabled me to come close to my original vision.  You could say it is an homage to her baby einstein toys.  The idea was to allow her to bang on the keyboard and make something happen.  Simply click or press a key to see it in action.


I was listening to CNNfn as I prepared for work.  Just before a commercial break, David Haffenreffer mentioned a report of a plane crashing into one of the towers.  I figured that somebody in a Cessna lost control.  Little did I know the true gravity of the situation.