How to Watch The Dark Knights Rises UltraViolet Version on XBox 360

Hopefully this post can save someone the frustration which I experienced when trying to watch the cloud version of The Dark Knight Rises on my XBox 360.

This was my first experience with UltraViolet(UV).

After much ado, the following steps enabled me to get the UV version of The Dark Knight Rises streaming through Xbox Live.

  1. Create an UltraViolet account at
  2. Create a Vudu account at; during registration you’ll have the option to link to your UV account
  3. Go to!content/211931/The-Dark-Knight-Rises
  4. Click the Redeem link
  5. Install the XBox Live Vudu application
  6. Go to the “My Movies” section
  7. Click on The Dark Knight Rises
  8. Enjoy!