Breaking Bad Episode 5.8 “Gliding Through All”

Going in I had a feeling that this episode would end with a close up of Hank simply saying “Walt” or “shit”.  The solemn look on Hank’s face spoke volumes.  I fear that Hank would have been better off never getting a fix on his white whale.

Dean Norris has really been great this season and deserves emmy consideration.

I liked the juxtaposition of Walt’s apex and Hank’s low point.

Where does the show go from here? Hank has all the power and will no doubt attempt to use it with minimal carnage; but this is Breaking Bad.  I could barely watch the prison murders and I have no emotional attachment to those guys.  I can’t imagine what’s in store for our familiar faces.

In Walt’s race to the mountain top he sure added a lot of links to his chain of potential liabilities.  He took out those ten guys, but how many of them could tie Walt to the operation?  In the last few months he has met face to face with several individuals who are likely to be in a room with law enforcement in the near future.  Mike’s words about Walt know his place are ringing loud and true.  “Say My Name” indeed.

What’s up with Hank’s limp?  Is it psychosomatic?

I wonder if episode 9 will pick up right where episode 8 ended.

For the show’s sake, I hope there was a scene earlier in the season in which it was shown, or inferred, that Gale gave Walt that book.  Otherwise it seems a bit contrived.

No man, woman, or child is guaranteed to escape the wake of Walt’s storm.

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